To see the price of shipping to UK mainland please click the button beneath the item you are interested in. This will show you the price of the item plus the delivery charge within the UK. You may then choose to go ahead with the purchase, which is processed by Paypal.

You may also collect the item after purchase. Simply contact us to arrange a collection time that suits you and we will refund the delivery fee. We are based in Hackney, London, E5 8BQ.

We aim to deliver all items within ten working days of payment. We will always get in contact to provide full details of delivery dates and keep you informed of any delays. We are happy to work to your availability; simply let us know if there are any days or times when you are not available to receive delivery.


If you are not based in mainland UK please use the
enquire link beneath the item you are interested in or email We will be happy to provide a quote for your location and amend the delivery charge accordingly.

We have extensive experience of shipping to Europe, the USA and beyond.